Bronze diving watch

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The Bronze Diving Watch from Opaline Luxury is the perfect choice for those who want a stylish and durable timepiece. This watch features a robust bronze case, and comes in four different styles, each with its own unique design. It is water resistant up to 30 meters, making it great for all your underwater activities. The watch is powered by a reliable quartz movement, and features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for maximum durability. With its classic look and timeless design, this watch is sure to be a treasured addition to any collection.

Weight0.10 kg
Dimensions150 × 150 × 50 mm

1Style, 2Style, 3Style, 4Style

5 reviews for Bronze diving watch

  1. Rahul (verified owner)

    Swift and secure delivery that impressed.

  2. Aniket (verified owner)

    Packaging that speaks volumes about the care taken.

  3. Vanya (verified owner)

    Service that genuinely cares about customer needs.

  4. Krish (verified owner)

    Quality like this is hard to come by.

  5. Karthik (verified owner)

    The service was top-notch, highly impressed.

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