Multifunctional woodworking electronic ruler

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This Multifunctional Woodworking Electronic Ruler from Regal Elegance is the perfect tool for all your woodworking needs. With its stylish 200mm angle ruler, you’ll be able to easily measure and mark your workpieces with precision. The ruler features a clear LCD display that shows you the readings in real-time, so you can easily take accurate measurements quickly. The ruler also includes a built-in spirit level to ensure the accuracy of your cuts. The ruler is light and compact, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. With its multifunctional features, this ruler is a must-have for any woodworker.

Weight0.24 kg
Dimensions250 × 80 × 60 mm

200mm angle ruler

5 reviews for Multifunctional woodworking electronic ruler

  1. Isha (verified owner)

    Worth the premium price for the unmatched quality.

  2. Tarun (verified owner)

    Service that sets the gold standard.

  3. Diya (verified owner)

    The service was top-notch, highly impressed.

  4. Karthik (verified owner)

    Service that sets the standard for others.

  5. Jai (verified owner)

    Swift delivery that’s synonymous with excellence.

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